Kiln, som saa and P Franco are putting on a one night only Larb Bar


Later this month, Soho hotspot Kiln is going to become the centre of London's food universe with a collaboration that's bound to have folk queueing round the block. They're teaming up with Clapton bar P.Franco and Shoreditch's som saa to become a standing-room-only Larb Bar for one night only.

Of course you can't do anything easy like buy tickets for this ahead of time. Nope, they're selling tickets on the door for £45 on the night itself.

And although it does sound like it's going to be a bit of a bunfight, it'll probably be worth the effort.

To fit everyone in, Kiln will be stripping out the bar stools and postering over the windows. Once you get in, you'll have to flag down a chef - Kiln founder Ben Chapman and head chef Nick Molyviatis will be joined by som saa co-founder Andy Oliver on the night - to order dishes. Choose from a larb line-up which includes Northern Style Duck & Offal Raw Beef Laab; Fried Laab Cakes; Game; Blood; and Isaan Style Chopped Sand Sole.

All the drinks will come courtesy of Phil Bracey from P.Franco. “While our love for natural wines may be obvious, our love for Thai food also runs deep,” says Phil. “The spice, the freshness, the intensity and the layered flavours really appeal to us, and we’re excited to try and match these two loves."


More about The Larb Bar

Where is it? Kiln, 58 Brewer Street, London W1F 9TL

When does it open? 26 March 2018

How much? Tickets are £45 on the door and include as much larb as you like, 3 glasses of wine and service.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @Kilnsoho


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