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Kheera Kitchen teams up with Crisis for a City Indian pop-up

What: Kheera Kitchen

In a nutshell: Fresh Indian food for a good cause

Summing it all up: Kheera Kitchen and Crisis are teaming up at the charity’s cafe on Commercial Street, where they’ll be serving up light Indian cuisine and helping vulnerable people at the same time.


The low-down

Londoners who want extra-good about where they choose to eat will soon be able to tuck into Indian food and support Crisis at the same time, at Kheera Kitchen.

The pop-up, which will live on Commercial Street in The Cafe From Crisis, will be be providing a range of highly affordable Indian dishes that are set to be light on the heat but big on fresh, zesty flavours. There’ll be small sharing plates for £5 which include coconut eggs, a lamb kati roll, or flash cooked lamb marinated in spices and lime, served with a buttery paratha on the side.

If you want to go bigger, £10 will get you a Keralan pork bowl with fresh pineapple, or grilled chicken with cardamom. Plus there’ll be sides like the paneer, mango and tamarind salad, and desserts like the rather good sounding fennel and lime burnt cream pot.

Kheera Kitchen will be housed in The Cafe From Crisis, a social enterprise from the charity that trains homeless people and ex-offenders to go into hospitality and boost their career prospects. David Read, co-founder of Kheera Kitchen, explains: “We’ve been working with Crisis to create Kheera Kitchen, a place where people can enjoy great, fresh Indian food, whilst helping those who are less fortunate get back on their feet”.


More about Kheera Kitchen

Where is it? The Cafe from Crisis, 64 Commercial St, London E1 6LT

When does it open? 20 January to the end of April

Find out more: Visit Kheera Kitchen’s website and follow Kheera Kitchen on Twitter @kheera_kitchen

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