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Well this is going to be a red hot ticket. Now that Koya has closed and chef Junya Yamasaki is preparing to move back to Japan, tickets for his last ever dinner in London are bound to be very popular.

Junya is teaming up with Lyle's in Shoreditch for a re-run of last year's eel dinner. it's part of the annual ‘Doyo No Ushi' celebration. "We have a long tradition to eat eel on that day to prepare for the hot summer in Japan, believing that the vitamin rich eel will give us energy to fight against the heat,” Junya explains.

The dishes won't be announced until the night itself but we imagine they'll be inspirational. Apparently Lyle's chef James Lowe and Junya will be out foraging and picking fruit and vegetables the day before and are also hoping to source some seawater for a Sicilian inspired dish.

The Doyo No Ushi supper will take place at Lyle's on Monday 27th July. Tickets are £57 per person. Tables are available between 18.30 and 21.30, with a maximum of four guests per booking. Call 020 3011 1547 to book.

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