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Japan Centre launch a snack-box by post service

We have to admit to being rather partial to the snack section in Japan Centre (we really, REALLY can't get enough Pockeys or Hello Panda biscuits). So when we heard that they were planning a subscription service, we were a little intrigued. It's essentially the latest food subscription service, where they'll send you a box of new snacks every month to your specifications (mini £15, standard £25, permium £40).

We were sent a trial of the Standard pack (photo above) and it's enough to sate our snack craving for a short while. Just a short while, mind. It's an impressive selection of stuff, that's for sure, much of which we hadn't tried yet (the Kabaya milk cookies were a definite winner). 

So if you fancy setting up a subscription yourself - just sign up on their website

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