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 Jacob's is doing a free cracker-themed pop-up in Covent Garden

Cracker manufacturer Jacob's is the latest brand to hop on the pop-up bandwagon.

Just when you think you've seen every unassuming store-cupboard item turned into a hero ingredient, along comes Jacob's with "the world's first cracker restaurant", and Blur's Alex James is involved as well.

It'll be running for one day only, and customers will be invited to "experiment with crackers in ways they never have before," by tucking into new and unusual cracker toppings like poached eggs.

Cream crackers, flatbreads, crispbreads and ciabatta will form the backbone of the menu, which will include a five-course lunch and a six-course dinner. Alex James, Blur's bassist, part-time cheesemaker, and now Jacob's 'Chief Taste Curator' has been heavily involved in the menu.

It all looks to be a rather British affair, with toppings on the list including beans on toast for the afternoon seating, while the evening will see retro dishes like prawn cocktail, classic roast beef and more. We're still unclear as to how these will factor in the 'cracker' element, but as the event is free, the curious have no excuse not to have a look (though do book your ticket in advance.)

And the Blur man had his own thing to say: "I’ve always thought that cheese and crackers go together like bread and butter – the perfect match, made in heaven. Now I've discovered a whole new world of delicious combinations." So now's your chance to put that to the test...

When: 22 June

Where: 35 Neal Street, London WC2H 9PR

How to book: Book here


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