Ice cream goblets, luxe burgers, pizza pop-ups and more stuff we liked this week

Canales from AngelusOur latest run-down of what we've been up to this week, picking the best from our posts on Twitter and Instagram. This week - we take in two Test Drives (from Corbin & King and Marcus Wareing) and get some great canales from Angelus...

A lot of Scotch Eggs

Obviously, the main thing we ate this week were a whole heap of Scotch eggs - 17 in total as part of the Scotch Egg Challenge at the Ship. The below was the winner from The Cornish Grill and you can read our full write-up here.  


Pizza by Giorgio Locatelli

And we visited the pop-up of the moment, Giorgio Locatelli's Pizza Locatelli, where the stuzzichini particularly impressed us. And you can read what we thought of the pizzas in our write-up here.


Canales from Angelus

These excellent canales arrived to herald the new Seven Deadly Sins menu at Angelus to celebrate their seventh birthday - find out more on their Twitter feed.


Corbin & King's latest - and their burger

Yesterday we went to the latest from Corbin and King (who are behind the Wolseley and much, much more) - the Colony Grill Room at the very luxe Beaumont hotel, just a few steps from Selfridges. For a five star hotel, this burger (and fries) was great value at £15 and held up well against London's finest. 


Ice cream goblets from Tredwell's 

We went to the new restaurant from Marcus Wareing's group this week. The Test Drive will be in next week's newsletter. In the meantime take a look at this very Indiana Jonesey goblet that the excellent salted caramel soft serve ice cream came in.