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House Kitchen is the latest opening from Soho House at Highgate Studios

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When the word on the street (in this case Kentish Town's Highgate Road) is that a hot new lunch spot has opened, you can count on us dashing off to try it. House Kitchen is the latest venture from Soho House to open in Highgate Studios - they already have Pizza East, Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger in various parts of the building. The new all day cafe has opened up where Caffe Kix used to be. And to be perfectly frank it's light years better than the place that preceded it.

We haven't tried the breakfasts (although we're assured the poached eggs are pretty great and the bacon muffins look good too), but the offering on lunch was top notch.

You can pick up ready made sarnies and salad pots to go, but what you're really after are the salads and toasted sandwiches. Pick a key starter ingredient - short rib beef, roast salmon, proper roast ham - and then add whatever's on offer salad-wise, such as freekah with greens and herb dressing. Sarnies include that beef short rib with watercress and lettuce and we tried a gorgeous chicken with pancetta and salad topped with some sort of avocado herby mayo. Both of those would be £5.

Oh and did we mention the Ottolenghi-style meringues and the jalapeno cornbread muffins?

House Kitchen is open at Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road; London NW5 1TL for breakfast 7am-12pm and lunch from 12pm to 4pm and you can pick up snacks and hot drinks all day until 5pm.

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