Hot Dinners' April Fools round-up


Over the years we've enjoyed trying to pull the wool over your eyes with some food-specific April fooling of our own. Here's a round-up of what we've done so far:

2011: René Redzepi gets funding to open massive Noma

Chef René Redzepi has secured extra funding from the Danish government to open a massive new restaurant in the centre of Copenhagen seating upwards of 300 people....

2013: Dalston's first fine dining restaurant prepares for a restaurant revolution

Dalston has finally come of age with the announcement of its first fine dining establishment...

2014: Westminster Council plan to crack down on London's restaurant queues

They'll be convening this morning to look at whether to create a new license governing queues...

2015: Pot Luck noodle restaurant to open in Haggerston

"We intend to take instant noodles and elevate them through a communal experience,"...

2016: Distance - London's first globavore restaurant

Distance will serve dishes where every ingredient will come from at least 200 miles outside London.

2017: Are London's BBQ chefs in hot water?

Mayor plans solid fuels crackdown 

2018: Brexit tax breaks for British restaurants

Good news for anyone serving up monks beard with Cornish seabass. Bad news for anyone looking to set up a new taco restaurant.

2019: Kantina - a fine dining, self-service restaurant, opens in Fitzrovia

The natural solution to the waiter and chef shortage