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Heston Blumenthal has received just over £200,000 in compensation following the temporary closure of the Fat Duck for two weeks last year. That’s good news for Heston, but according to the Daily Mail, some of the guests who suffered food poisoning are still waiting for their payout.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for Heston and Delia, who’ll be appearing in a three minute ad slot during Corrie this coming Thursday evening. ‘In the past, Waitrose has shied away from associating its name with celebrities. We didn't believe that simply hiring a celebrity mouthpiece to front an advertising campaign would give added value to our customers,’ Waitrose managing direcor Mark Price told The Telegraph. ‘We want customers to get even more out of the time and money they spend with us and that's why we're taking the – for us – revolutionary step of appointing brand ambassadors.’ If you understand what Mr Price is talking about (and can explain it to someone not fluent in marketspeak) contact us here.

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