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Heaven for bacon enthusiasts: we try Cannon & Cannon’s new Meat School

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If hands-on butchery, charcuterie making classes and meat and beer tastings sound like your kind of thing, then Cannon & Cannon’s newly-launched ‘Meat School’ is just the place for you. Meat School takes place in Cannon & Cannon’s Borough Market unit which they use throughout the week for classes, tasting events and hands-on butchery.

The Bacon Masterclass

Hot Dinners joined a group of bacon enthusiasts at a recent masterclass to try out bacon making. Led by butcher Lisa Scothern, our early start was cushioned by an impressive bacon sarnie, made with Cannon & Cannon bacon and thick slices cut from a loaf made by nearby Bread Ahead. Following a brief discussion about the modern methods of bacon production, participants rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with hands, knives and hacksaws - breaking down the animal into separate cuts of loin, ribs and belly.

After a break to taste more bacon, we were given a quick tutorial in curing, preparing three different recipes ranging from a traditional (salt and sugar) cure through to a more elaborate pancetta, this particular version with lime and chili.

The morning finished with a quick beer and a little more bacon. Our three separate bacon creations packaged up, we set out on our separate ways. The only problem now would be to find someone to help me eat two kilos of bacon…[Ed's note - never fear, we have informed Louis that we might be able to help in this regard]

Meat School features two types of events. Hands-on courses are around £125 for a half day course and teach butchery and curing skills. Themes range from learning how to make bacon and terrines, through to boning out a pig’s head. They also run shorter tasting sessions and talks on weekday evenings. These sessions are around £25 and include straight-up meat tastings but also a variety of beer & meat, wine & meat and even pickle & meat sessions. They are also planning a series of ‘meet the producer’ evenings.

Upcoming Meat School events include:

Tasting Evenings

13 October - An Introduction to British Cured Meats

4 November - Meat and wine pairing

Hands-on Classes

17 October and 12 December - Make your own bacon

To find out more about meat school and see the full lineup of dates for tastings and hands-on classes, see their website. You can also follow Cannon & Cannon on twitter @cannonandcannon and Meat School @meat_school

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