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‘Healthy chocolate’ is now a thing thanks to Doisy & Dam

Quinoa, sprouted buckwheat, spirulina and hemp seeds used to be mainly confined to the shelves of health food shops. But nowadays with a bit of effort, you can find them all over London - even in its chocolate bars. Now Doisy & Dam, purveyors of sweet superfood snacks, will be placing the spotlight on their healthy, organic chocolate bars from Monday when they launch their three-week pop up in Old Street.

From the more reasonable sounding date and Himalayan pink salt chocolate bar, to slightly more out there mulberry, black sesame and spirulina bar, curious chocoholics will be able to pick and choose from a range of 10 of their specialities ranging in price from £1.65 to £9.50.

There’ll also be a weekly specials menu, which is being curated in conjunction with other healthy brands. First up is Pip & Nut who’ll be teaming up with Doisy & Dam to offer three types of nut-butter cups, like the maca, vanilla and cacao nib with almond butter in dark chocolate. The following week will see ‘Coconutella’ - a sourdough crumpet covered in a gooey chocolate sauce made from their coconut and lucuma bars from nearby teashop, Good & Proper Tea.

The pop-up will close with some almond hot chocolate from Rude Health, and while it’s hard not to be skeptical about the pairing of ‘healthy’ and ‘chocolate’, we have to admit the white hot chocolate almond chai does sound a more than a bit good.

Doisy & Dam’s pop-up opens on 21 November in Old Street station and will run for three weeks. Follow Doisy & Dam on Twitter @doisyanddam and on Instagram @doisyanddam.

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