Grilled cheese sandwiches come to Brixton's Salon

Grilled cheese sandwiches come to Brixton's SalonWe do love a grilled cheese sandwich or three here at Hot Dinners, so we warmly greet the news that a new range has arrived at Brixton's Salon.

The sandwiches feature Brick House sourdough bread, come with a range of fillings and are grilled to order all day long. On the menu, Salon tell us they have the following:

  • House: Our house cheese blend – Lincolnshire Poacher for it's balanced and well-rounded oomph, Binham Blue for it's savoury tang, and Tiefi for a bit of stringy goo, plus a few other secret odds and ends. Served with House Pickles
  • House & Ham: House cheese blend, plus Worcester air-dried ham. Pickles on the side.
  • Cow's Curd & Sobrasada: Cow's Curd, freshly made on the premises, with a generous smear of
  • Sobrasada: a spreadable chorizo-style paprika sausage, originally from Majorca, but made for us in the Welsh borders.
  • Stichelton & Red Onion: The daddy of raw milk blue cheese, with sticky, sweet & sour red onion marmalade.

Plus a range of regular specials, including:

  • Blue Cheese & Kimchi: Korean-style fermented vegetables & a blend of our favourite blue cheeses: Stichelton, Binham Blue, and goaty Harbourne. 
  • Beef short rib, Tiefi & pickled walnut: Meltingly tender braised short rib from our suppliers in the Yorkshire Dales, slightly nutty, stringy, gouda-style Tiefi, and chopped pickled walnut. 
  • Mallard & Medlar Jelly: Confit mallard legs, sweet medlar jelly, plus a little sprinkle of our house cheese blend to hold it all together.
  • Pumpkin, Rosary & Rocket: delicately spiced, with the creaminess of young Rosary goat's cheese & crisp rocket. Much more than just a veggie option.
  • Potato & Bermondsey Spa: Like raclette, but in a sandwich. And more pongy...

The sandwiches are available tomorrow at £4.00 to take away, £5.00 to eat in.

And to kick things off tomorrow, from 6pm they're giving away 100 free sandwiches to anyone who shows a Twitter message that includes the hashtag #salonsandwichype. There's also a bonus hashtag of #grilledcheeseparty - for which they say people might even get some secret extras...

Salon is at 8 Market Row, Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LD. For more information, follow them on Twitter @Salon_Brixton