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Gordon Ramsay was in Qatar this week to open a branch of maze at the Pearl-Qatar, the first maze to be opened outside a hotel. The Gulf Times caught up with him to find Ramsay uncharacteristically frank about the factors that led to his restaurant in Claridges losing a star in the 2010 Michelin guide.

‘During the recession we cut corners, Ramsay told the paper. ‘We simplified the menu to entice customers from Monday to Wednesday. We opened up the doors to flexibility. We were inconsistent so the exciting part now is winning it back. It was devastating for 24 hours but we didn’t sit and cry. More importantly, it is good sometimes to lose. It reinvigorates.

‘The first thing I said to them 24 hours later was ‘right, congratulations we have 104 booked for lunch today’. You can get complacent after being successful.’

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