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Giant Robot goes supersize on Sundays in Canary Wharf

Get ready for a pretty good deal in Canary Wharf this weekend. In their answer to bottomless brunches, Giant Robot are pulling out the stops from this Sunday and supersizing their regular food. 

For the same price as their weekday menu, everything will be just that little bit bigger. So that's:

  • Thunderbirds with a 6-piece chicken bucket (instead of four)
  • BOB’s Lobster has a double helping of Salmon or Lobster Eggs Royale, plus a free Mimosa on the side and BOB’s Burger will have two patties
  • Yum Bun is doubling up on Yumplings - six steamed dumplings instead of three
  • And there's Little José’s Tapas Tray - Daily Croquetas, Padron Peppers, Calamari with squid ink aioli, Patatas Bravas with spicy tomato sauce and jamon with piquillo peppers - only on the weekend menu.

It's not just the food either, with giant drinks at the bar too. Just what you need to keep the weekend going.

When: Sundays from 11 June 2017

Where: Giant Robot, Crossrail Place, London E14 5AR

Find out more: Visit the Street Feast website or follow them on Twitter @streetfeastldn.


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