Get your Creme eggs sent to your desk with Delivergoo

 =Get your Creme eggs sent to your desk with Delivergoo

We're entering the months of Easter madness at the moment, and that means the return of Creme Eggs in force. We've already had the launch of the Creme Egg Camp, but if all that sounds a bit too strenuous to you, then getting your Creme Egg fix sent straight to your desk may be the thing.

They've teamed up with Deliveroo - hence the "Delivergoo" name and you'll be able to order a pack which contains:

  • Fire-pit Toastie - Gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside – the legendary Cadbury Creme Egg Toastie
  • Forest-top Fongoo - Dip crispy campfire breadsticks and juicy strawberries into a molten swirl of melted Cadbury Creme Eggs.

That'll set you back £6 - but there's a catch - you'll have to live in East London to be in with a chance of ordering. 

When: 8th - 14 February, 1pm-5pm

How to order: From the page on Deliveroo

Find out more: Head to their Facebook page 

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