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burgerbusYou know us - we get a bit twitchy if we let more than 24 hours go by without a burger story, and with that in mind - how does the idea of a free burger grab you?

To get your free burger, head for Covent Garden's Piazza on Friday 30 November where the Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s BURGER BUS will be serving up burgers between 10.30am and 7pm. Anyone there before 11.30am will get their burger for free. And even if you don't get a free one, the prices on the bus are lower than at their restaurants - £6 for a burger (£6.75) or £6.50 for a cheeseburger (£7.95).

If all that isn't enough to entice you down, perhaps the presence of some All Blacks rugby players might be the clincher - oh and the fact that The Providores chef Peter Gordon will also be there on griddle duty.

If you're wondering why the top chef and rugby blokes - it's because there are three Kiwi blokes behind GBK, which has been around since 2001.

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