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Flavourtown Bakery is coming to Parsons Green, and they’re bringing rainbow cake

What: Flavourtown Bakery

In a nutshell: Award-winning cupcakes, brownies and cakes.

Summing it all up: The lucky, sweet-loving souls of SW6 are being treated to the award-winning Flavourtown Bakery’s first ever shop. It’ll be open from 7.30am with coffee and pastries, but really you’ll be wanting to load up on their fudgey brownies, gorgeous cupcakes and more.


The low-down

If you've got even a passing interest in cake, and live anywhere near SW6 then here’s some extremely exciting news. Flavourtown Bakery is on its way to Parson’s Green and they’re bringing ALL their award-winning cupcakes, brownies and sugary bakes with them.

If you’ve not yet come across Flavourtown in Harrods, Selfridges, or one of their market pitches, their website’s gallery should be more than enough to get your mouth watering, overflowing as it is with perfectly iced sweet treats flavoured with Nutella vs Oreo, Raspberry S'mores, and their terrifyingly good Chocolate 5.0.

Plus, Parsons Green is getting its very own bake flavour called a Parsons Green Peanut Pie, comprising of an Oreo crust with a peanut butter cream cheese filling, along with a few new flavours like Toasted Hazelnut Tart and a Boss Brownie which proudly claims it’ll “ruin any other brownie for you.” Colour us interested.

It’ll be the bakery’s first ever shop, and they’ll be open from 7.30am with a rake of breakfast pastries like croissants and Caravan coffee - though we challenge anyone to walk in and *not* purchase some kind of delicious cakey thing...

You’ll also be able to order large cakes for special occasions that - yes! - include their famous rainbow cakes. Just remember, if you’d like to get one in for Christmas, make sure you order by 21 December.


More about Flavourtown Bakery

Where is it? 771 Fulham Road, London SW6 5HA

When does it open? Open now

Find out more: Visit their website and follow them on Twitter @flavourtownbake.


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