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What: Flat Iron

In a nutshell: Steak for a tenner in London Bridge

Summing it all up: Popular steak chain Flat Iron are opening their sixxth steakhouse. The Tooley Street restaurant will have a indoor garden theme.


The low-down

Boutique steakhouse chain Flat Iron have just signed the lease on their next restaurant. The sixth Flat Iron will open on Tooley Street later this year.

Talking exclusively to Hot Dinners, founder Charlie Carroll told us; "It's a lovely old building, semi-glazed for an indoor garden feel - the lost gardens of London Bridge!"

This will be one of their larger restaurants with room for 120 diners. The main thrust will always be their amazingly good value steak deal for a tenner but Charlie tells us he has a few new flourishes he's considering for the new place. He talked about some new puddings and drinks and - and we think he wasn't joking about this - "maybe a slide to take you down to the toilets, that kind of thing, as well as some kind of indoor herb garden scenario."


More about Flat Iron SE1

Where is it? 112-114 Tooley St, London SE1 2TH

When does it open? January 2019

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @flatironsteak


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