London's best chicken shops to head to if your local KFC is shut

Go on, admit it. Every now and again, you're tempted by a quick bite at KFC. But if that option's been taken away from you, there are plenty more - and really, better - places to get your fried chicken fix from. Here are some of our favourite chicken shops in London to choose from...


First off, there's the most obvious place, CHIK'N on Baker Street. The Islington version is coming soon, but in the meantime, this is well worth travelling to (not to mention the mighty Chick N Sours). 


Next up is Bird, famed for fried chicken AND doughnuts. You can find them in Islington, Shoreditch, Camden and Westfield Stratford. 

One of my fav pics! Our Royale Burger in all its glory.

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MEATliquor isn't all about the beef burgers, they have this epic buffalo chicken burger on the menu too at all their restaurants (not to mention the amazing Monkey Fingers). 


And you can take the opportunity for some Korean chicken in Covent Garden with the newly opened On the Dak.


Head to Shoreditch where you can grab all the fried chicken you need from Butchies. After your KFC-less couple of days you may need all of these... 


With two sites at Boxpark Shoreditch and Boxpark Croydon, Coqfighter are - in their own words - "Three young dudes just trying to do kick-arse fried chicken". Their twice-fried, vodka and sesame battered Korean style wings sound amazing, but will you just LOOK at this original burger with panko thigh, sambal mayo and Korean hot sauce.

That gentle squeeze 😍! #CoqfighterUk

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KFC may have been having problems with its suppliers, but Soho spot Billy and the Chicks uses only the finest British free-range chicken and uses family run butchers, Walter Rose & Son to supply all its chicken.

🎶So fresh and so clean clean🎶

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