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The Sunday Times’ Christine Toomey reports in today’s paper of her visit to El Bulli’s Barcelona workshop where Ferran Adria drops a series of hints as to how one might secure a table at El Bulli once it reopens in 2014 as a gastronomic think tank.

‘Maybe one week we will do just breakfasts. The next, we might be closed. The following, we might serve just one extraordinary supper.’ Another idea being mooted is that bookings for the tables or one-off dinners would be sold for charity in an auction.

Adria also admits that in changing how El Bulli operates he’ll be ceding his position as best restaurant in the world. ‘When El Bulli reopens in 2014, it won’t be in the guidebooks,’ he tells The Sunday Times. ‘I’m tired of awards and rankings. My plan is that El Bulli will have a much more flexible format.’

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