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Ex Palomar chef to open Foley's in Fitzrovia

Foley's Tasting Kitchen in Fitzrovia has a big thing going for it - it's headed up by Head Chef Mitz Vora - who's been Sous Chef at the ever-hot The Palomar. He's the sole creator of the menu at Foleys, which will be "experimenting with food from around the world with trade route twists and influences". The menu does sound great, including : 

  • Spiced sweet potato fritters - grilled pineapple, jalapeno yogurt & saffron coconut sauce - £6
  • Cornflake crusted chicken - pickled wild mushrooms, corn, endive, chorizo - £8 
  • “Hoof & rock pool”
 - sticky beef cheek, daikon, cucumber, avocado & kaffir lime puree, poached prawns, crispy shallots - £9
  • Pork belly - tamarind barbeque, apple, green papaya, cured red onions, toasted cashews - £9
  • Aubergine  - date, pomegranate, chilli lime yogurt, puffed quinoa, feta - £
  • Cod - coriander, fennel, lentil & tamarind broth, crispy chickpeas, okra, kale - £9 
  • “Fat boy Elvis” - warm chocolate chip banana cake, banana cream, peanut butter nougat, bacon & strawberry jam - £6 

The restaurant seats 70 and much like The Palomar before it, Foley's will have an open plan kitchen with a viewing counter - so you can get close to the action and chat with the chefs. 

As for drinks - the cocktails include "Basil Foley's - a strawberry and basil concoction mixed with Gran Marnier and Chambord" and "The Chestnut Old Fashioned - combining Curzan black strap rum with chestnut liqueur and bitters".

Foley's opens 24 June in Fitzrovia at 23 Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London W1W 6DU with a soft launch (50% off food) until 30 June. Email them at to book. For more, follow them on Twitter @foleyslondon.

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