Enoteca Super Tuscan plans weeklong celebration dedicated to Tuscan Wine

Enoteca Super Tuscan plans weeklong celebration dedicated to Tuscan WineEnoteca Super Tuscan founder Nick Grossi has announced its first ‘Super Tuscan Wine Week’ due to be held at the Spitalfields restaurant and wine bar at the end of April. The event will showcase a series of food and wine pairings on consecutive days from Monday 28th April through to Friday 2nd of May. Diners will be given the opportunity to experience a selection of these fantastic, but sometimes expensive wines by the glass.

Super Tuscan, which has been open for a little over two years, does exactly what it says on the tin. Lovers of Italian wine regularly flock to their cosy premises tucked away on a Dickensian alley near Spitalfields.

The name 'Super Tuscan' refers to a movement started by forward thinking winemarkers, whom in the late 1960's broke with the traditions of Chianti. Using unauthorised grape varieties (typically those from Bordeaux) and non-traditional aging techniques, these mavericks carved out a reputation for producing unique wines which are today some of the finest and most sought after in Italy.
Grossi, who is equally passionate about Tuscan food as he is wine has drawn together a series of food pairings which brings together their rustic fare with these spectacular and powerful wines.
The week starts with a duo of freshly made Tagliatelle dishes topped with Kid Goat ragu and Duck ragu. Wonderfully soft, the chunks of unctuous ragu will no doubt have diners asking for a second helping. These are paired with Pometti Toscana, a juicy, good value Bordeaux-style blend and Petra 'Zignari', a boisterous blend with some savoury elelments to it, based around the native Sangiovese grape which is usually seen in Chianti.

Wednesday steps up a notch with Le Difese, the second wine from the makers of cult wine Sassicaia. This lighty layered blend of Cabernet and Sangiovese is threaded with flavours and aromas of vanilla, smoke, ripe cherry, and wild berries and is robust enough to tackle a hearty dish of delicious char-grilled Tuscan sausages, slightly spicy, flavoured with fennel seeds, served on a smooth bed of green lentils.

The week finishes on a high note with wines from iconic producers Ornellaia and Tignanello. The matching dishes are made up of rich and powerful flavours including a Chargrilled Veal Chop and Slow cooked veal stew. Tignanello, a drawcard in its own right will be available for £37.95 a glass on Friday only. A decadent but appropriate way to end the week.

Diners and wine lovers are being encouraged to book in advance for what is sure to be a busy few days which can be done by calling the restaurant on 0207 247 8717.

Super Tuscan wine week runs from Monday 28th April through to Friday 2nd May at Super Tuscan 8A Artillery Passage, E1 7LJ. For more updates and impressive photos of Tuscan produce follow them @thesupertuscan,