Duck and Waffle is having a midnight feast and you're invited


It's the restaurant that really kicked off London's status as a proper 24 hour city. Now Duck & Waffle are putting on a special midnight feast for night owls.

Diners will take over the restaurant's 40th floor private dining room this coming Wednesday for a special menu by Dan Doherty. The evening kicks off at 11.30pm with some BBQ Spiced Pigs Ears and dishes like cumin-spiced poppadom with split pea dip and harissa lamb burger as well as the signature duck and waffle dish, finishing with chocolate fondant or caramelised banana waffles.

Every course is being paired with cocktails by head barman Rich Woods who's come up with a caffeine free ExPresso Martini with Grey Goose Vodka, Chicory & Birch Bark Liqueur, and Dandelion 'Coffee'.

Only one  thing - you might want to book Thursday off work. Just an idea.


Duck & Waffle midnight feast

Where is it? 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY

When does it open? 9 August 2017

How to book: How to book: Tickets are £85. Call 0203 640 7310 or email dwreservations@duckandwaffle.com with MIDNIGHT FEAST in the subject