Downstairs at Machiya is a new basement bar from the Kanada-Ya team


What: Downstairs at Machiya

In a nutshell: Japanese whiskey, sake, cocktails and bar snacks.

Summing it all up: After enjoying a homely Japanese dinner in Machiya, head downstairs to their new basement bar to try the whiskey, cocktails, and maybe even bowl of lotus root chips with miso mayo (if you have room).


The low-down

Machiya, the casual Japanese restaurant from Kanada-Ya, is opening a new basement bar.

Downstairs at Machiya will have a hefty selection of sake, Japanese whiskey and creative cocktails, alongside a new menu of bar snacks, including wagyu sliders, pop-katsu skewers, lotus root chips with miso-mustard mayo and spicy Machiya hot wings.

Cocktails will all be priced at a reasonable £9, and will include:

  • Jigglypuff with Portobello Gin, Campari, lemon & vermouth foam;
  • Tequila Yuzu-Kosho Sour with Arette Blanco, yuzu, egg white, agave syrup, yuzu-koshu and chilli
  • Smokey Negroni with Lagavulin 16, Johnnie Walker Black, Umeshu, Antica Formula and Campari.

Discerning drinkers will also be interested to know about their bottles of Yamazaki Limited Edition 2015, Taketsuru 21, Yamazaki 18 and Ryoma Japanese Rum.

Open until midnight, Downstairs at Machiya hopes to welcome diners from the upstairs restaurant in need of a post-meal digestif, but will equally be open to the public as a standalone bar as well - though if you want a seat you'll need to get in early, as there's only 20 spots.


More about Downstairs at Machiya

Where is it? 5 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4DL

When does it open? 16 June 2017

Find out more: Visit Machiya's website, or follow them on Twitter @machiyaLondon and Instagram @MachiyaLondon.