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Dorchester chef opens Chriskitch in Muswell Hill

chriskitch muswell hillLucky Muswell Hill residents have a new cafe on their patch, and the bloke behind it has a pretty impressive pedigree. Chef Chris has worked for Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road and most recently spent four years at The Dorchester before deciding to open Chriskitch on Tetherdown.

"The Dorchester was great, I had a brigade of 200 chefs under me, but I really wanted to get back to cooking again," he told us. "Plus I also wanted to spend more time with my wife and kids."

So with that in mind he's opened this little cafe just off Fortis Green Road. The attention to detail is lovely - a cup of tea comes with a little wooden trug with honey, lemongrass, mint and other bits and pieces in it. Everything from the cakes and salads to the ginger beer is made in house. "We don't have white bread or coca-cola, but I am going to be making my own cola," Chris said. "And when we're out of something, that's it."

We worked our way through the dishes on offer, from an amazing pineapple upside down cake, topped with crystallised syrup to a warming winter soup of courgettes, potato, and leeks and some fabulous salads.

Right now the place is open during the day, but he's applied to the local council to be able to open it up with a drinks license for a few days a week. Watch this space.