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Kicking off today at Old Street station for two months is a Brazilian snack pop-up. You may already have tried Dona Rita's Pão de Queijo (or cheese bread) down at her stall at Druid Street Market. Made from cassava flour and cheese (so gluten-free too), each of these little cheesy puffs are made by hand by Dona.

The snacks are apparently particularly good for breakfast, served with a short black coffee São Paulo style, or you can also smother them in jam if you're after an afternoon snack. They'll also be selling bake-at-home packs if you want to have a go at home too.

What: Dona Rita

When: 8-21 May 2017

Where: Old Street station ticket hall. Opening hours will be 7.30am to 8pm

More info: Keep up with Dona Rita on their website or on Twitter @OiDonaRita. They're also to be found every other Saturday from 10am to 4pm at Druid Street Market, Bermondsey.

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