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Division 194 are bringing their Po Boys to the King and Co

We first encountered Division 194 in a Highgate residency, and left mightily impressed. So we're very happy to report that they're back for a two-month stint at Clapham's King & Co. 

If you haven't encountered them before, they're led by former Quality Chop House sous chef Nick Bramham and his brother Rob. They're all about New Orleans-style food with a bit of a British spin - and with a focus on sourcing the best produce - with the Po Boy being one of the main events. 

Those Po Boys include "beef shin debris with bone marrow gravy", the classic shrimp - and you can even combine those for their take on a “surf and turf". Plus there are special, including "breaded mussels with marinière mayonnaise and matchstick fries". On the side of those are devilled Burford Brown eggs with popped pig skin (these are VERY good), cauliflower cheese bombs with smoked chilli ketchup and confit’d chicken wings tossed in pickled chilli butter.

Plus, they'll be on weekend brunch duty too. So that will add the breakfast Po’ Boy - a toasted English muffin topped with poached egg hollandaise, house hot sauce plus a choice of buttermilk-fried chicken, beef shin debris or avocado and pickled chilli flakes.

They come highly recommended from us - so get down to Clapham as soon as the residency starts. 

When: From 3 April to end May 2017.

Where: The King & Co, 100 Clapham Park Road, London SW4 7BZ

How to book: Email or on the pub's website.

Find out more: Visit the Division 194 website or follow them on Twitter @division_194.

Photo by @shark4chipdrink

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