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horlicksUnder normal circumstances, a chef would be be pretty put out if you were to lower your head gently into your desserts and start snoozing at the table. But if Garry Hollihead's new sleep menu at The Northall at the Corinthia Hotel has done its job, it shouldn't actually be too long after your meal that you feel like nodding off.

It's part of the luxury hotel's Power of Sleep’ project which is running throughout May and June with special spa treatments and and room enhancements.

The Northall's menu focuses around principles, as recommended by nutritionist Jeanette Hyde, so that's protein to balance blood sugars, food rich in amino acid tryptophan which is used to make the sleep hormone melatonin and anything rich in magnesium helps to relax the muscles and mind.

To that end the all day sleep menu features a three-course lunch or dinner beginning with spinach and nettle soup and main dishes such as roast hake with smoked haddock, spring onion risotto and curried velouté and poached duck eggs with fondant potatoes, celeriac, wild mushrooms with new season garlic. Desserts include a malted milk panna cotta and toast ice cream with caramelised bananas which sounds really good. They even have a bedtime wind-down snack of sunflower seed butter, banana, and pumpkinseed cookie with Horlicks milk (pictured).

The Sleep Menu is available at The Northall at the Corinthia throughout May and June at 10 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5AE

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