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dabbousCongrats to Ollie Dabbous and his team this morning with the news that Dabbous has been awarded three rosettes by the AA Guide. It's the only London restaurant to be included in the new awards of three and four rosettes this year.

"Restaurants serving food of a three Rosette standard are worthy of recognition from well beyond their local area," said AA Hotel Services manager Simon Numphud.

"The cooking shows a light, fresh, modern approach, serving up fashionable smaller plates of highly innovative, well dressed food. It is fine-tuned cooking driven by top-notch seasonal produce, including lots of wild ingredients, clean flavours, interesting combinations and lovely textures and colours. But this is a chef who knows how far to push the envelope - there’s nothing over complicated here, with flavours given room to breathe. It’s a popular place, so book well in advance."

Only one UK restaurant managed to secure a new four rosettes rating from the guide - Paul Kitching's Edinburgh restaurant 21212. Other places just outside London to be give three rosettes were The Charles Napier gastropub in the Chilterns and Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire.

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