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Creme Egg season is here already with Cadbury’s new travelling Hunting Lodge

Fans of Cadbury Creme Egg Cafe from 2016 are in for a treat. Not only is it *already* the official start of Creme Egg season, (according to Cadbury’s), but they’re bringing back their cafe, this time in the form of a travelling hunting lodge.

Chocoholics with a penchant for the gooey stuff throughout the UK will be able to pay a visit the Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge. They’ll be visiting London, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh, and bringing their range Creme Egg-based treats with them. You can take away, or tuck in cosied up in their outdoor seating area. Priced £4 each, there’ll be Creme Egg s’mores, Creme Egg hot chocolate and Creme Egg fridge cake. 

There’ll also be something that sounds equal parts amazing and mind-boggling called a Creme Black Forest Toastie, which involves smushing a few Creme Eggs with some black cherries between toast.

Mega-fans will also be able to buy branded Creme Egg merch, and if Easter is just way too far away for you, you can also work on your egg hunting skills.

The Cadbury Creme Egg Hunting Lodge will be in London on 27 January and 25-26 February, next to the London Eye on the South Bank. It’ll be open from 4.50pm - 9pm. Get tickets here

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