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Crab, crab and yet more crab at Marylebone’s Fancy Crab

What: Fancy Crab

In a nutshell: Crab, crab and more crab, on ice, with hollandaise, in a salad and more

Summing it all up: Fans of shellfish will be keen to get to this new all-day concept restaurant in Marylebone where red king crab is the order of the day, every day.  If that's not enough to lure you in, then there’ll be other seafood delicacies and two bars as well.


It's all about crab...

Crab lovers, listen up - there’s a new restaurant coming and you’re *definitely* going to want to take a note of this one. It’s a new concept diner called Fancy Crab, and they deal almost exclusively in variations on crustaceans.

They’re running with the tagline “A new sexy Red King Crab restaurant in the heart of Wigmore Street”, so you better believe that crab is the order of the day, every day.

That means North Pacific wild-caught crab served... cold on ice with pickle and sauce to dip it in, buttery and hot with thyme and hollandaise, battered in tempura, or in a salad. There'll be Singapore crab loaded with chilli, or have it in a Fancy Crab burger. And if you’re in a group, you’d frankly be quite mad to pass up the opportunity to order an entire red king crab for your table to share (though be warned - they are massive).

If you find yourself needing something a little different just to break up the crabfest, there’ll be scallop ceviche, oysters and tuna tartare on the sides menu, plus land-based offerings like Fancy Crab beef burgers and a whole chicken cooked inside a charcoal Bertha.


More about Fancy Crab

Where is it? 92 Wigmore Street, London W1U 3RD

When does it open? 26 July 2017

Opening offer: 50% off food from 26-31 July. Book on their website

Find out more: Visit Fancy Crab’s website or follow them on Twitter @fancycrabuk.


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