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OK, we flat out LOVE this idea. I mean, look at that picture, who wouldn't want to try partying in an igloo right alongside the river Thames? This frankly genius winter alfreso invention is the brainchild of Coppa Club. They have eight of them set up on their huge terrace at their Tower Bridge site for the run up to Christmas.

Each custom-made igloo is heated, thank goodness, but also comes with sheepskin blankets for added hygge. Three of them are laid out for groups of up to while the others are set up as general lounges. As well as the full Coppa Club menu, they're putting on a series of festive cocktails like Maple Old Fashioned and Spiced Berry Caipirissima and their Christmas menu will also be available from 16th November.

The igloos are now at available for private hire as well as walk-ins at Coppa Club Tower Bridge, Coppa Club, 3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6AH. It's called a club but it's not a members-only place. To book email, call 020 7993 3827 or visit the website at up with their news on Twitter @wearecoppaclub

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