Comptoir Cafe and Wine comes to Mayfair from Xavier Rousset

Comptoir Cafe and Wine comes to Mayfair from Xavier Rousset

What: Comptoir Cafe and Wine

In a nutshell: Xavier Rousset follows up Blandford Comptoir with this Mayfair wine bar.

Summing it all up: Coming from the same person behind Blandford Comptoir, this pairs and all day cafe with a huge downstairs wine shop (all of which you can drink on the premises). 


The low-down

Xaver Rousset is definitely on a role. He's had great (and also critical) success with his last two spots, Blandford Comptoir in Marylebone and Cabotte in The City, and now he's staking out Mayfair for his next wine bar.  

Comptoir Cafe and Wine will be an all day spot - primarily cafe by day, wine bar by night. In its daytime guise, expect classic breakfasts and viennoiserie in the morning (including some takeaway options) as well as soups, salads and lighter dishes at lunch.

In the evening, it'll be small plates including beef tartare, ceviche and seafood, lobster rolls and charcuterie.The cafe itself fits around 40 people.

As ever, wine will be a Big Deal. This is mainly on show in the downstairs wine shop, which will have 1000 wines from all over the world, including up to 100 bins of Champagne - all of which can be drank in the cafe with a £10 corkage. Alongside that, there's a tasting and events room down there.

Just near Bond Street station, it could well be a very handy spot for weary Oxford Street shoppers. One to think of when you're next laden down with bags and need a breather. It's a no-reservations spot, so should be ideal for dropping by. 


More about Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Where is it? 21-22 Weighhouse Street, Mayfair 

When does it open? April 22, 2017

How to book a table: Walk-ins only, they don't take reservations. 

Find out more: on their website.