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Coming SoonAs all our Hot Dinners readers know, our Coming Soon page and the accompanying New Restaurants page are all you'll ever need to keep up to date with the latest openings in town.

Heading into 2014, the amount of new restaurants opening in London shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. We've already got well over 50 restaurants on the way, with dozens more bubbling under in the rumours section. 

Things are changing all the time. We update the page on a regular basis (sometime several times a day) with new (and shifting) dates, new restaurants, soft launch details and loads more. So, to make sure you're all aware of the latest updates, we'll be running a weekly catch up on the changes to the page. This is the first update - so here's what changed this week...

New restaurants - loads added to the list, including:

  • Brooklyn Bowl London - NY bowling & food comes to London
  • Boom Burger - Jamaican burgers in Notting Hill
  • Avenue - an American-style makeover for this D&D restaurant
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Company - a long-term feature of the list we actually removed it only last week, fearing it would never happen, only to finally get some concrete info through
  • Pierre Condue - the man behind the Paramount is opening an as-yet unnamed restaurant

New dates and updates - we've updated a few restaurants with dates and more:

  • Canvas by Michael Riemenschneider - opening January 14th
  • Oslo (originally delayed due to building problems), Brooklyn Bowl and Lanes of London are all planned for the January 17th
  • Q Grill is planned for the 25th January
  • We've also had a few more details come through about Andre Balazs' London hotel, including who will be heading up the kitchen

And finally we've fully updated the rumours section (including the first mention of James' Lowe's impending restaurant) and our map is fully up-to-date too. There are dozens more recent changes - but that covers the main lot.

We'll update again next week - but if you want to check up in the meantime, keep our Upcoming London Restaurants page bookmarked.

If you have any more news on the restaurants featured, or want to tell us about a new restaurant, just email us at

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