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CODE Hospitality’s 30 Under 30 list announced

The future of dining in the UK is looking exceptionally bright, if CODE Hospitality’s 30 Under 30 list is anything to go by. The list contains three chefs who’ve already been awarded a Michelin Star and a handful who’ve made it onto the list, despite being only 21 (making those of us who’re a bit older feel ever so slightly inadequate.)

The 30 Under 30 list, according to CODE Hospitality founder Adam Hyman, is intended to champion ‘the next generation of talent’, and so is not limited to just those that work in the kitchen, also praising the work of bright young things working as restaurateurs and front of house staff, plus behind-the-scenes types like PR and press.

BAO, Pilau, and Pitt Cue all get a mention, as does The Clove Club, and Brixton institution Kricket, plus chefs Tom Sellers and Adam Rawson.

The full list is:

  • Tom Adams (28), Pitt Cute & Coombeshead Farm
  • Elizabeth Allen (28), Kaizen
  • Will Bowlby (28) and Rik Campbell (29), Kricket
  • Harneet Baweja (29), Gunpowder
  • Shing Tat Chung (29), Erchen Chang (26) BAO
  • Jessica Corrigan (21), Network London PR
  • Richard Davis (26), Sager + Wilde
  • Missy Flynn (29), Quilombero
  • Lydia Forte (28), and Irene Forte (26), Rocco Forte Hotels
  • Sabrina Gidda (29), Bernadi’s
  • Ruth Hansom (21), The Ritz
  • Gus Haughton (22), Soho House + Co
  • Dom Jacobs (28), Running Horse
  • Ollie Jones (21), Lyle’s
  • Merlin Labron-Johnson (25), Portland and Clipstone
  • Tom Mackenzie (27), J Sheekey
  • Ben Marks (24) and Matt Emmerson (25), Perilla
  • Luca Missaglia (28), Aqua Group
  • Darius Namdar (29), Mark’s Club
  • George Pitkeathley (23), Pilau
  • Ben Murphy (25), The Woodford
  • Adam Rawson (26)
  • Joshua Rose (27), Soho House & Co
  • Christopher Schrottenbaum (23) Dinner by Heston
  • Tom Sellers (29), Restaurant Story
  • Sunaina Sethi (29), JKS Restaurants
  • Dan Smith (25) April Lily Partridge (23) and Chase Lovecky (28), The Clove Club
  • Ollie Templeton (25), Carousel
  • Luke Thomas (23)
  • Claire Wright (28), Paradise Garage

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