Cocotte brings ethical rotisserie chicken to 8 Hoxton Square

Cocotte brings ethical rotisserie chicken to 8 Hoxton Square

What: Cocotte

In a nutshell: French rotisserie chicken, sauces and sides

Summing it all up: After a good start in Notting Hill, Parisian restaurant Cocotte is moving East to trendy Hoxton Square, where they’ll be serving up ethically sourced chickens by quarter, half or whole, plus healthy salads, sides, and a selection of rather nice-sounding homemade sauces… 


The low-down

Rotisserie chicken is getting a wholesome, ethical update at Cocotte, Hoxton Square’s latest trendy eatery which will be serving French farm-to-table birds with a healthy bent. 

It’ll be the second branch opened by the Parisian duo, which will be moving into the space that was formerly home to 8 Hoxton Square. 
Food will be a straightforward affair - fresh salads, sides, chicken and your choice of homemade sauce (there are seven to choose from, but we particularly like the sound of the Truffle Mayo).

Their birds will be free range, sourced from an independent farm in the Loire Valley before being marinated for 24 whole hours and cooked on a traditional spit. It’ll cost you £23 for a whole one, £13 for half and £8 for a quarter. 

If it’s too early for a full-on rotisserie chicken - they’ll also be open for breakfast and lunch, too - or you just fancy something fresher, but don’t want to miss out on the rotisserie goodness, you’ll also be able to add a helping of chicken on your salad for an extra few quid. 
As for what’s on offer apart from the chicken, we’re yet to see a preview of the menu for the Hoxton Square branch, but based on their Notting Hill menu, we think you can expect to see the likes of: 

  • Broccoli with broad beans, green beans and basil salad
  • Kale with roasted yellow pepper, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with sesame salad 
  • Rotisserie ratatouille with aubergines and rosemary 
  • Roasted sweet potatoes with butternut squash and carrots
  • Mac & cheese
  • Date and coconut cake 

We’ve also been promised a number of independent French wines, cocktails and Spritzs, which now that the weather has finally turned for the better, you’ll be able to sip smugly 'a la terrace' as you people-watch across the square. Or if it’s a bit grim out, the inside will be decorated in all manner of hanging plants, ivy and other soothing green things. 

Plus, if you really want to make everyone in the office hate you, you can even get your chicken to take away - though you may be better off feasting on your rotisserie haul in the well-ventilated confines of leafy Hoxton Square.


More about Cocotte

Where is it? 8 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU

When does it open? 23 April

Find out more: Visit Cocotte’s website or follow them on Instagram @cocotte_rotisserie.


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