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Chosen Bun bringing burger deliveries to FulhamIt's the next stage in London's burger revolution. Can't get away from the office for a proper burger? Fancy one at home but the fridge is bare? Then why not get one biked over? That's just what Chosen Bun in Fulham are looking to do when they open in June. We caught up with co-founder Andy Shovel to find out more...

How would you describe Chosen Bun?

Chosen Bun is the UK's first specialist gourmet burger delivery service. If you imagine Domino's Pizza, with higher quality ingredients and 'burgercentric'. Chosen Bun has been founded by myself and Pete Sharman. 

Every single aspect of our offering and operation has been configured for delivery and takeaway. Delivering a burger properly is incredibly tricky. We've designed and patented our own packaging that keeps products from going soggy and falling apart. We have high-tech induction hot-bags that maintain the right temperature and humidity for the food. We've come at the problems head-on and when we launch in around five weeks, people will be able to enjoy a fantastic burger at home or at work for the first time.

What can we expect on the menu?

Our menu's fairly short and simple. We have five different burgers: beef, cheese burger, fully loaded beef + cheese, chicken and veggie.

Our meat is prime Scotch beef with Welsh Wagyu fat. We went through around 1000 beef patties with around 20 butchers before we settled on our recipe. For insipration, we travelled across the USA last year tasting burgers in NYC, LA, Miami and Naples.

We're also cooking triple-cooked chips, onion rings, mac and cheese bites and broccoli and edamame coleslaw.

Drinks-wise, we've got milkshakes (including our own caramel and rum infusion), wines, beers and soft drinks.

Can people eat-in too?

We are going to focus on takeout and delivery (by moped), so there isn't much eat-in space: around five stools at the front of the shop. People can either order by phone or online - (this will be launching in a couple of weeks). There will also be an app later this year.

Chosen Burger opens on 21 July at 647 Fulham Road. They'll deliver to Fulham, half of Kensington and Chelsea, West Kensington, Barons Court, Hammersmith and Earls Court. Follow them on twitter or facebook for more info.

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