The original Chick n Sours gets a new bar and... chicken toast!

The original Chick n  Sours gets a new bar and cheesy chicken fondue

19/7/18 - updated with picture of the new menu and opening date

Following up on the revamped CHIK'N on Baker Street, is the news about lots of changes at the original Chick N Sours in Haggerston. They're getting a new look upstairs, but most importantly a new bar downstairs. 

And a new look means new things for the menu. Which sounds AMAZING:

  • Chicken Toast - described as "Just like prawn toast but with chicken" - toast dressed with chilli fish sauce caramel and a slaw of kohlrabi & apple with lime kosho (that's it below)
  • Crispy Soy Pickled Shiitake - served with a seaweed dip.
  • Kimchi cornbread - made with kimchi and fermented kimchi juice, cooked in a waffle iron and served hot with honey butter. "Inspired by Carl’s days working in Savanah, Georgia…just with a Korean twist." 
  • PBJ French Toast - with Malaysian coconut curd & peanut butter for the filling, dipped in egg and fried in butter till golden brown. And served with a sauce of caramelised condensed milk & coconut curd and served with more butter and toasted coconut shavings. 
  • Seoul Destroyer - A previous special - Korean glazed burger that's made with roast chicken fat, topped with nacho cheese & kimchi. 
  • Hot Chicken and Waffles - "Carl’s take on the Nashville Hot chicken mixed with a personal love of Shin Cup ramen instant noodles. C&S has made their own crack seasoning to resemble Shin Cup ramen seasoning; it is mixed with hot sauce and chicken fat then the drumstick gets glazed in and rolled in Korean chilli flakes, rich, red & spicy." So it's a  Kimchi cornbread waffle with honey butter served with a "noodle crack" drumstick and served with a fried egg (weekedn only)
  • Ssam style 1/2 Fry - 1/2 fried chicken pressure cooked on the bone, with noodle crack seasoning and served Ssam style with Lettuce cups, bread & butter pickles, kimchi, spring onions and ssamjang BBQ. 

Plus all the regulars from before - including the amazing aubergine. And alongside that - you can also get the original dripping fries or two new versions - Crack fries & Fully Loaded fries. Here's a sneak peek of that menu.

chick menu

They've been planning something downstairs at Chick n Sours for a while but now it's actually happening. Chick n Sours' Carl Clarke has a DJ past, so expect that to be put to good use in the downstairs bar, where you can expect a regularly changing soundtrack and, of course, a DJ box. And on top of that a  curated cocktail and beer list - they've teamed up with Horace Panter from The Specials to create the first of an ‘artists’ series of beers. That'll be Jamrok, described as "a Jamaican lager with the strapline - Fine, all of the time". 

Chicken Toast


More about Chick N Sours

Where is it? 390 Kingsland Road, London E8 2AA

When does it re-open? 20 July 2018

Soft launch details: 50% off food 19 July - walk-ins only

How to book: On the website.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @ChicknSours.


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