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Chick n Sours and Berber & Q swap places for some kitchen takeovers

Both Berber and Q and Chick N Sours have been amazing additions to Haggerston this year (and if you haven't been to either of them, we urge you to go).

And now they're swapping places too - for two nights they'll take over the other's kitchen. Here's what's on offer: 

On November 16 - Carl Clarke takes Chick n Sours to Berber & Q's place with a fine sounding menu:

  • Crispy chicken skin, schmaltz, smoked curds & pickled pomegranate
  • Szechuan-style coal roasted sweet potato
  • Smoked Mangalitsa pork belly rib, Korean BBQ sauce, collards, kimchi & bacon
  • Deep fried brioche, white miso ice cream, and butterscotch, salted peanut brittle.

Not to be outdone, on November 23 Josh Katz moves Berber & Q up the road to Chick n Sours for:

  • Za’atar chicken liver, pomegranate molasses, charred endive, blackened green chilli aioli & burnt flatbread
  • A ‘Guest Fry’ of Saffron & Turmeric Buttermilk Fried Drumstick and Thigh, date syrup glaze, smoked garlic tahini, harissa, coriander & blackened spring onion
  • A Caramelised Banana and Nutella Pita Sandwich

Each event is £39.50, including a welcome drink - tickets go on sale on 19 October and we'll add the link as soon as they do. For more, folow them on Twitter @BERBERANDQ and @chicknsours

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