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trafalgarsquareCanada Day London are teaming up with Shuttlecock-Inc for one day only to create a Canadian-inspired restaurant as part of their 8th annual Taste of Canada campaign. Taking place on the north terrace of Trafalgar Square on July 1st, the Vieux-Quebec pop will bring together the talents of chefs Ollie Templeton and Marc St James – not to mention the best of Canadian cuisine.

Following on from the sell-out success that was Mile High (for anyone who missed it, it involved a series of pop ups inspired by the golden age of travel), Shuttlecock-Inc will create ‘Quebec’ in London. The space will bring Canada to the capital with colourful murals, blooming flower boxes, café-style tables and live jazz.

To compliment the space, Mile High chef and former Moro man Templeton and St Jaques (Executive Chef at Toronto’s prestigious Auberge du Pommier) will serve a range of dishes throughout the day. Visitors can drop for breakfast including butterscotch pancakes, maple syrup, crème fraiche and streaky bacon breakfast; or a selection of lunch dishes such as burgers served with cabbage and parsley slaw and pulled pork shoulder with picked baby onions.

The main event will take place in the evening with a £40 bookable three-course sit down dinner accompanied by a moonlit live concert. Grilled lobster, confit new season garlic, hay-roasted pork belly, braised Saskatchewan lentils and smoked maple and bourbon ice cream are just some of the culinary gems not to be missed.

The Vieux-Quebec pop up will take place on 1st July 2013. To book a seat at one of two sittings for dinner or find out more about Vieux-Quebec go to their website.

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