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Camden Market’s best grub now available for lunchtime delivery

If you’re one of those smug office workers who cleverly orders in a hot lunch and makes everyone with a mere sandwich feel jealous, then you’re about to strike gold - Deliveroo has just teamed up with KERB Camden Market to offer lunchtime-only deliveries.

That means for as little as £6.50 (it’s £1.50 for delivery and £5 minimum spend), you could find yourself tucking into some of London’s top street food without having to leave your desk.

It’s the first time a street food market has combined forces with Deliveroo, and it lends the menu more of a ‘wandering Camden market’ feel, given you’ll be able to mix and match your dishes - Kolkati paneer wrap with a side of Grilling Greek chips anyone? It also means you can order in for multiple people without the perennial disagreement over where to choose. That leaves you free to stick a cheeseburger, a katsu curry and a pork burrito on the same order. Isn’t the future amazing?

The full list of food you can now get at lunchtime from KERB Camden Market is:

  • Makatcha - Beef Rendang with Rice (£7)
  • Mac Factory - Super Mario Mushroom Mac n' Cheese (£6.50)
  • Burger and Beyond - Cheese Burger (£7)
  • Luardos - Burrito, Chicken or Pork (£6.5)
  • Fundi Pizza - Margherita (£6)
  • Kolkati - Paratha Wrap, Paneer or Chicken (£7)
  • Hanoi Kitchen - Bún Noodle Salad, Garlic & Lime Chicken or Pork (£7)
  • Sonita’s Kitchen - Lamb & Aubergine Curry Box (£7)
  • Yu Kyu Katsu - Chicken Katsu Curry (£7)
  • Bian Dang - Chicken over Rice (£7)
  • Burger and Beyond - Crinkle Cut Chips (£3.50)
  • Grilling Greek - Hand Cut Chips with Oregano (add Feta) (£3.50)
  • Nazari - Classic Falafel Salad

It’ll be available Monday - Friday 11:30am - 3pm. Minimum order is £5 and delivery fee is £1.50 - and you have to be within delivery range, of course. Check them out on Deliveroo.

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