Calum Franklin opens the Pie Room at Holborn Dining Room - updated

Pie Room

04/05/18 - updated with a first look

What: The Pie Room at Holborn Dining Room

In a nutshell: London's pie supremo gets a pie place

Summing it all up: Calum Franklin's pastry making prowess nets him a special pie room opening at the Holborn Dining Room with pies to go and a special pie hatch coming


Update 4/4/18. The Pie room has now opened in all its glory! We popped down for a look and it looks very impressive indeed (you can see the pics throughout this article). The previous deli is replaced with a room where you can see the pie-making in action and order all the pies you need through a hole in the wall. And that pie-making table can double as a 10-seater table in the evening - expect some pie-related events in the future. 

And how to get the pies? It'll be open from 11-4 every weekday, and you can choose from hot or cold pies. Here's what's on the opening list: 

  • Chicken girolle and tarragon (£9)
  • Hand raised pork pie (also available cold) - £8 
  • Vegetarian pie of the week - £7
  • Sausage roll - £5.50
  • Monkshill farm scotch egg - £5.50
  • And also available cold is a slice of duck, pork and pistachio en croute (£7.50)

Expect more special pies in the future (and bigger pies to come) with chef collaborations on the cards too. What are you waiting for - get down there for your pies today!


Original story follows:

We're used to seeing press releases proclaiming that this is the news you've all been waiting for, but today's big story really IS the news you've all been waiting for. London's pie maestro, Calum Franklin is going to be opening a fully-fledged Pie Room at his restaurant, Holborn Dining Room.

Taking over the space once occupied by the deli, this is where you can gawp at the restaurant’s chefs crafting pork pies, beef wellingtons, pate en croutes and complex pithiviers by hand every day.

The Pie Room will set a selection of sweet and savoury pies. Pick up one just for yourself from or get a big one to share (or just to have yourself) - that'll cost £30 to serve 4-6 people. If you prefer to eat your pies in more palatial surroundings, order them here to eat in the brasserie.

Pie Room

5 March is the date for your diary, when they'll kick off with a special Pie Room launch menu with four pie dishes - steamed beef cheek suet pudding, chicken, girolle and tarragon, hot pork pie and then curried mutton shoulder. All will be available for lunch and dinner. For the rest of the year pies will always feature on the a la carte. Later this spring you'll be able to take over the pie room with up to nine people dining there as a sort of private pie room.

There's a lot to look forward to as well. This summer, they're planning takeaway pies from a pie-to-go hatch onto High Holborn and you'll also be able to book weekly pie making masterclasses.

The Pie Room


More about The Pie Room at Holborn Dining Room

Where is it? High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN

When does it open? Now open.

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @HolbornDining