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Brixton’s Canova Hall: hot desks by day, cocktails by night, and pizza around the clock

What: Canova Hall

In a nutshell: Workspace meets cocktail bar meets Italian restaurant.

Summing it all up: Brixton’s Canova Hall (from the people behind Martello Hall) will be open from very early in the morning until 1am, all week long, but what goes on inside will change as the hours pass, from coffee and wifi in the early hours, to Italian food, and finally gin cocktails and DJs at night.


The low-down

There’s a new all-in-one workspace/cafe/cocktail bar/night club coming to London, and this time it’s in an old work hall in Brixton.

Canova Hall will be offering up lots of wifi, bottomless coffee and space (it’s HUGE, at 4,500 square feet) to the freelancers of the world by day. Then it’ll gradually become DJ-soundtracked cocktail bar in the evening. Canova Hall carries on from the success of its sister venue Martello Hall, London Fields’ popular pub and pizza joint.

Much like Martello Hall, there’ll be heaps of hearty sourdough pizzas, which could either be kill-or-cure when it comes to the classic 3pm slump. They’ll be made with 48-hour sourdough, cooked in a special pizza oven imported from Modena, and include variations like their Smokey Bandit and the Hot Don - pickled chillies, pesto and ‘nduja.

If that’s not your speed, then you can also pick from a selection of freshly made pastas including a tagliatelle with stracciatella, pink peppercorns and gremolata, and a smoky scamorza-cheese pasta with rosemary. The pizzas will be going throughout the night as well, if you’re there after hours for the cocktails.

On the cocktail front, gin is *definitely* the thing, whether you’re sipping it from the cocktail trolley (you’ll need to ‘Book a Bartender’ for that experience), buying a bottle to take home, or ordering a Canova Gin, made on site in a special ‘bespoke’ American still.


More about Canova Hall

Where is it? 250 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BQ

When does it open? 23 September 2017

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @canovahall.


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