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British Airways launches a new on-board burger

These days, there's no escaping the all-pervasive burger trend even if you're 35,000 feet above the ground. The latest to unveil their signature burger is British Airways, who have just started serving this new burger. It's made of 100% British beef, a mixture of chuck, cheek and onglet designed to ensure full flavour at 35,000ft and comes with Monterey Jack cheese, tomato relish and is served on a brioche bun and comes served with pickles and chips. We like how that slick of ketchup references the BA logo too. 

But there's a catch - it's only available to First customers at the moment, so it'll cost you a smidgen more than popping into a ground-based burger joint. But if you're lucky enough to be flying at the front of the plane, it's available now, with another version in their First or Concorde lounges on the ground too. 

Note: Hot Dinners co-founder Gavin Hanly also works for British Airways - but he was not involved with this story.

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