Bone marrow and truffle porridge goes on the menu at Rude Health in Fulham


What with all the National and International food events happening, we completely missed out on World Porridge Day yesterday. Obviously it's in our diary for next year.

But just because the day honouring all things oaty has been and gone doesn't mean you can't enjoy some top notch bowls here in London. The Rude Health Porridge Championships 2017 took place last week and the winning entry sounds - well - amazing.

The bowl of wonder came from the chefs at Covent Garden's Native and consists of a parsnip-infused milk, bone marrow truffles and a sprinkling of sea buckthorn. As one of the competition's judges, Petersham Nurseries Chef Tito Bergamasch, enthused; "This is a porridge I would choose as my last porridge…..cooked with generosity, easiness and no ego at all. We ate the entire bowl immediately."

The good news is that you can now try it too. Native’s winning recipe is now a seasonal special at The Rude Health Café in Fulham, alongside Native's winning 2016 recipe, Meadowsweet Porridge with Crab Apple Compote and Kentish Wood Ants.


More about The Rude Health Café

Where is it? 212 New King's Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4NZ

When is it on sale? On the menu for the rest of October

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @rudehealth