Blackfoot on Exmouth Market to start serving weekend brunch

blackfootbrunchWe had a cracking (or should that be crackling) dinner at Blackfoot when it first opened and at the time thought what a brilliant place it would be for weekend brunch. Now, lovers of all things piggy, that dream has come true. The Exmouth Market eatery has just announced that from next weekend (Saturday 29th March) they'll be open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11am.

"Brunch was always a big part of what we wanted to do," says co-owner Tom Ward. "With pigs being at the heart of so many great breakfast dishes it felt rude and wrong not too. Allegra and I wanted to do a menu that was a little bit naughty (we serve whipped lardo with our breakfast, and a month-long rum-soaked prune with our porridge!) and give you a proper set-up for the weekend."

Brunch dishes you'll find on the menu include:

  • Pinhead porridge with rum soaked prune, lardons & maple syrup
  • Coddled eggs & Sobrasada soldiers
  • Baked clams with shallot and bacon gratin
  • American-esque oaty pancakes with crispy bacon and Tatin apples
  • Avocado on corncake with pico di gallo and a shot of Sangrita
  • Omelette Arnold Bennett (pictured)

To wash all that down with there'll be freshly squeezed juices, a ‘hair of the dog’ menu with a bold and spicy Bloody Mary, Red Snapper and Salty Dog. Coffee will come courtesy of Monmouth who have given the Blackfoot folk barrista training.

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