Avobar in Covent Garden will be London's first avocado restaurant

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What: Avobar

In a nutshell: All-avocado restaurant hits Covent Garden

Summing it all up: Wondering if we've gone peak London? Wonder no further as Covent Garden prepares to welcome the city's first permanent avocado all day restaurant


The low-down

It does read like the kind of thing we'd have done an April Fools on a few years back, but yes it's true, London is getting a bar devoted to all things avocado. News broke that Avobar would be joining a host of other new restaurant openings on Henrietta Street.

It's fair to say that the reaction to the news on social media was mixed.

On the one hand, you had some folk genuinely excited at the prospect of more avocados in their life.

But others weren't quite so sure.

If you're firmly in the first camp, you'll want to know that the menu in this all day restaurant will be all avocado-based dishes so think avocado and spicy tuna on crispy rice, avo tuna tartar or maybe aubergine fries with avocado dip.


More about Avobar

Where is it? 23-24 Henrietta Street, London WC2E 8ND

When does it open? Early 2018

Find out more: Visit their website and follow them on Instagram and on their Facebook page