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aquaThe end of the world may be upon us if those who believe in the Mayan calendar have it right. While thousands huddle in caves stockpiled with canned goods, one London restaurant has decided to take a different approach to the coming apocalypse.

Aqua kyoto, just off Regent's Street have come up with the 'Last Supper' for those who'd like to go out on a calorie high. Their end of days menu features yellowtail sashimi with caviar, lobster teamed with truffle sauce, and grilled wagyu with foie gras. And the price of your last supper is £95 per person or on the house should the ensuing armageddon ensue.

As the restaurant points out - the benefit of having its own roof terrace is that you can happily "scan the heavens for comets hurtling towards earth or a colossal solar storm" with a cocktai in your hand.

We can think of worse ways to go out...

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