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aqualondonFusion food can sometimes be a very bad idea - remember Shumi's disastrous Japanese/Italian mashup? - but frankly we really love the sound of the new Japanese aperitivo hour that's just launched at aqua london. It all ties in with the appointment of new executive chef Paul Greening who was previously at Novikov.

From Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 6pm they'll be serving up complimentary miniaturized dishes adapted from Paul's new menu with every order of a Japanese cocktail or beer from a set list which starts at just £5.

Drinks include the Japanese Velvet, made with Nashi pear infused Ketel One vodka and the Ginger Collins, which includes fresh ginger mixed with Tanqueray Ten gin, lemon juice, ginger infused sugar syrup, elderflower cordial and lavender bitters topped with lemonade.

The changing, seasonal dishes include Tuna Tataki with mizuna cress and tosazu jelly; Crab and Seaweed Salad with tomato dashi bubble and ton buri; and Yomogi Tofu made in house with fresh Japanese mugwort.

Aperitivo hour is now running at Aqua Kyoto, 5th Floor, 240 Regent Street, London, Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 6pm.

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