All the crayfish at Mayfair's The Harcourt's Nordic summer party menu


If the closest you normally get to a Scandi foodie treat is a large serving of the meatballs at Ikea then how about upping your game? Mayfair's the Harcourt is bringing the late summer tradition of Nordic Crayfish Parties (Kräftskiva) to the heart of London.

The restaurant's Finnish Head Chef Kimmo Makkonen is putting on a special crayfish menu for the occasion. The key dish will be twelve crayfish boiled in a salted dill water (with dill flowers) served with his family's potato salad recipe. To match, there'll be two in-house infused Akvavit including a reyka vodka infused with caraway seeds, cardamom, pink peppercorns, rosemary and dill and the Tilli cocktail made with Swedish Hernö Gin, Dill, Pear-Coffee Syrup, Lemon, Nutmeg and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.


More about The Harcourt (Kräftskiva) menu

Where is it? The Harcourt, Harcourt Street, London W1H 4HX

How much: £30 per head.

When? Throughout August

How to book? Call 020 3771 8660 or email: bookings@theharcourt.com

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @the_harcourt